so here I am

my husband who has been with me through thin and thick

After I got married I put on just a little bit of weight, enough to call it the sign of a happily wed girl. But after that it would not go back and kept increasing a little bit every time. And every time I kept on making excuses until I got pregnant.  I looked at myself in the mirror and there she was a grotesque looking mid twenties girl standing before me. Honestly, I did not recognize her. I was looking hideous. I had always thought that weight gain is something that happens to the person on your either side but you. Will you believe me if I say that I was still making excuses? But trust me, I was.

After the delivery of my daughter I was this whopping wait for it, wait for it, 96kgs and I could not look in the mirror anymore. I was so ashamed that when friend had his birthday party in my favourite pub I refused to go and locked myself in the room. I was able to get into this only one pink outfit I had borrowed from my friend. I didnt know what I was going to do.

my precious 

Until one day, my husband came back with the news that we were going to Hong kong. I thought to myself this is a good opportunity to run away from all these  people who knew me as a slim person.

However, as soon as I landed on the Hong kong airport my dreams were crashed. The airport was filled with these really good looking extremely genetically slim women. I was actually worried that if I fell on one of these girls they would look ironed like the cartoon characters. On my way to our new life, I decided this has to change. I must get back to

Hong kong Disneyland 

looking atleast decent and I went on this strict regime, fruits for breakfast, salad for lunch, a modest Indian meal for dinner with no rice (it was a big challenge) and about three hours of exercise. But I did it.

Today I am 78 kgs and I have a reached a block. The block is because I am actually comfortable with weight. Now that sucks. If you are comfortable with your weight you will not do anything.

So I have decided to go online and jot down my weight loss and hopefully not my weight gains and add recipes which I will be using along the way. This should probably embarrass me enough to lose at least 20 kgs if not more.

So wish me luck as I set out on this arduous journey and if possible pep me up when I am suffering from the deadly blues.


2 thoughts on “so here I am

  1. hey Ruchi,

    just saw your blog. am sure it must be a lot of fun blogging and starting one. have fun. good to know another foodie for recipes to fall back on!!! write on!!

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