Quick n Easy Pomfret Curry

Today is the day when my helper takes her weekly off and I am strapped for

ideas which are fast, easy and basically require the least amount of fresh ingredients, which means it saves my trip to the ever lovely superstores.

And today being one such day, I decided to go for my all time favorite fish curry rice. Well one of my all time favorite, because when I say favorite a whole array of foods come before my eyes fighting for my attention and a mention in my blog. Good things come to those who wait. And yes my dear old fish curry has waited for such a long time.

What do you need? I love to use Pomfret the silver diamond-shaped fish, can’t live without it having been born and brought up in Mumbai, but sometimes I have to do away with that and stick to

what is available. So today I am using some Mackerel (cut and cleaned).

Then you need to marinate it for about 20-30 minutes. Basically while you get the rest of stuff ready. I have marinated it with, salt, chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric and tamarind juice.

tamarind juice is tamarind soaked in hot water till you get a pulp, usually takes about 15 minutes. As I mentioned,helperless today, so always have this ready in the fridge on a weekly basis.

Meanwhile grind the onions, ginger and garlic. You will need about 3 tbsp of this entire mixture.

Now here the process starts where your kitchen will be filled with curry aroma. Might want to get the exhaust started.

Fry the fish in a smoking hot pan with oil for about 15 seconds each side. Remove the fish.

Add the onion paste and saute till golden brown. I love using the same pan and oil it has the flavours.

Add the fish, the marinade,a few curry leaves (optional), fish masala (you could get it in any of the indian stores and water just enough to cover the fish. Let the fish cook. Once they are cooked add the coconut milk say about 1/4 cup or till you get a pale yellowish color of the curry. Take it off the fire and serve and serve with piping hot rice.

Now I am really hungry so you try this and I will have my dinner..


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