Your just not that into losing weight

Its been almost a week since I started the blog, but I have not been to the gym or close to anything that can be remotely called exercise and I have been making excuses.

I live in the most beautiful place in Hong kong (sorry, but I am not giving out my address) and I could as well just go for a walk to soak in all the greenery and beauty around me(by the way, there is also a lot of eye candy-but lets keep that aside for a while). However I all I am doing is coming up with excuses.

If I come to think of it with my list of excuses I could well write a book and title it ‘Your just not into exercise”. I bet  it will be a best seller, for one all of those in my situation might buy it to learn of new excuses.

Lets see, ‘I am going to start from the first of the month/next week/mondays’. Why, is it because its an auspicious day or is it because today is no good.

“I want to get started with my diet first”, yeah thats right baby, because it will take soooooo long for me to stop eating junk and start eating right that it will be next month by then. So you see what an awesome excuse this is. I am actually using one excuse and getting the ground ready for the next one.

‘Weekend is just round the corner’, but weekends are always round the corner. A week is only 7 days so it will always be weekend soon in fatland.

The best is, ‘it is that time of the year/month/day’, if you start exercising for a change your blues and all other signs of weakness will vanish making each day of the year a time to exercise.

What can one do to get rid of this excuse making habit. For one, maintaining a journal will always help. I know it helps to maintain a diet journal. Bad habits are just the junk food for our brains. So why not maintain a journal and watch everything that we feed our minds. We are what we eat and we are what we think.


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