Chicken soup for the cold

After leaving me stranded on a weekend my husband is finally back in Hong kong with a bad case of sore throat and cold. And here I have been desperately waiting to talk to him and give him the update on the latest gossip. Lucky for him he is unable to talk and naturally comment on anything. Thats the thing about men though isnt it, they love listening to gossip but act as if thats the last thing they would rather do.

The doting wife that I am, I have decided to make his throat get better. So I am going to fix him my classic chicken soup. I was inspired to make this soup after I moved to Hong kong and love the way they make soup here. Although mine is not the exact recipe of the street version I believe it is a good soup for the rainy days.

What you will need is


light soya sauce

spring onions


brocolli stems

Carrot ends

chicken pieces with skin

boiled egg

bok choy

salt to taste.

Take about a litre and half of water and set it to boil. Add all the ingredients and let it simmer for 30 – 40 minutes. By this time the house will be filled with the soup aroma. Strain the soup and discard everything but the chicken pieces. Debone the chicken toss it back into the soup. You could add some regular egg or rice noodles to make a chicken noodle soup.

Finally pour the soup in a bowl and serve it with some TLC.


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