One step at a time

Getting to the gym is a real difficult task when one has a multitude of reasons to avoid it. The very first being I better lose some weight before I start exercising amongst those gym junkies. But after a week long battle with myself and my inhibitions I have finally made it there.

Once you get there the feeling is always lonely. One does not know where to start or what to do. So we take an assesement of the problem areas and consider spot reduction being the best option; also you feel exhausted watching all those fellow treadmill users running so fast and knowing that your fitness rating might as well be in the red.

After you head to the weights you face yourself in the mirrors. For one, they are such amazing mirrors that you look like a real pro when you do weights. And have you noticed they never have mirrors near the cardio equipment. The treadmills are always facing the street. The reason is obvious no one wants to see the wobbly parts when you do your cardio. Maybe Bridget Jone’s boyfriend but not me. It would be so difficult being up there running on the treadmill and watching your stomach wobble around unless of course you are wearing a corset. That’s going a bit too far, isnt it.

That’s how my journey started anyway. I personally enjoy doing weights I just feel a lot in control. Also the feeling is amazing while you are doing it. I can feel my body getting toned although there are no instant results. Its just the psychology.

After prolonging enough (under the excuse of doing weights) the time comes to head the cardio machines. Face it we all know its the cardio thats going to burn the fat not the weights. As I head to the treadmills I realize that most of the people are out of the gym and the treadmills are empty. I reach the one in a far corner saying to myself, ‘today is my first day and I am going to take it easy’. So I start walking (as if I am taking a stroll) ok I am now at an incline of 1.5 and at a speed of 5.2. I think I am doing amazing when this other girl gets on the treadmill (also trying to lose weight, vigourously) ans starts running. So I try to ignore her. But that is extremely difficult when the boat of us are in the same boat and the other guy is rowing harder than you.. So I start runnin, after a minute although I am panting the feeling is amazing. It is as if I am on a drug. I get all these positive thoughts, I am still panting and now also sweating, I am feeling extremely happy although I am the most miserable person right now. So is this the adrenaline rush my sweet-heart has been talking about. I start feeling like I am there almost and I look down at the  screen to see the nukber of minutes I have been at it. I was expecting to see 12 minutes but couldn’t believe myself that I reached this stage in no less than 3 minutes.

So what does this teach me, I have no decent exercise plan, I enjoy the cardio while I am also miserable at the same time(thats has to be love) and that there is some hope for me after all. So with a new found determination I sign up for personal training with a new motto of 16 weeks 16 kgs.


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