Training with the enemy

It was my first session of personal training. I was so excited I decided to go in early and do some warm up.  Little did I know what was in store for me. Now this is the thing about personal training; you know that the trainers are on your side but they always treat you like enemies. I really want to have kind thoughts for my trainer but how do I?

Firstly they always push you to do a little extra. But terms like ‘little’, ‘a few more’, ‘4 more counts’, etc etc  are all different in their books. I mean if we say ‘I will do four more counts of this exercise’ we will probably do 3-4 counts. But when a personal trainer says four more counts it usually means 5 -6 counts. How does this happen? Finally it ended after a gruesome 15 minutes.

Now, my trainer started me off with stretches, which I always believed was a form of relaxation. I enjoy stretching, but after the first couple of minutes it turned painful. How could anyone turn such a pleasurable thing as stretching into something so painful that I started sweating? I instantly made a mental note, ‘rush to the nearest masseuse’.

Then we came to the weights. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected, probably because it was the first time. If this is for the day one I can only imagine what will it be for the days to come.  I must say that I was actually enjoying this session and all the motivating. That is the thing about weight loss; once you have made up your mind all you need is some motivation for the blues. Someone to say its alright that you have hit the plateau but you must still keep going at it.

At last we came to the final stage of this session – abs. Now I have always enjoyed doing abs until I realized today that what I was doing as abs was nowhere close to it. We did some abs using the machines which I will say was unnecessarily made difficult. Aren’t the machines the easiest part of exercising with all the support they are to ideally give us? Obviously my trainer doesn’t think like that.

It was now time to head to the mat area. So I thanked my trainer for the session since it was way beyond the one hour that I was paying him for, and he said it’s not over yet. “NOT OVER YET?”, I wanted to scream and start running away if my feet would help. I think this man wants to kill me on my first day. But then I thought we are probably going over to the mat area and he will ask me to do shavasan (the resting posture which I am so good at). So he puts down the mat, shoes off and I start to lie down on my back. ‘Excuse me, what are you doing?’ I feel embarrassed. Oh no! Did I come across as weak and tired? ‘Nothing just waiting for your instruction’. ‘Good, we will now do the plank’. THE PLANK, WOW. I have seen pictures of the plank and have always thought that it was way too easy. ‘Great then you could start off by holding it for 30 seconds’, he said. Sure and I was in the plank position and then…… eyes started to pop out. This was the most difficult exercise I have ever done! It is not meant for sane people and this is suicidal. Hold on for 30 seconds I can’t even hold it for 3 seconds! Please get me out of this ordeal.

Finally it stopped and I rushed out of the gym thanking him and hitting the steam room. Once I was there I actually started enjoying the soreness you get from exercising. That’s the thing about exercising –  after you have gone through it once you want to go back for it again and again. I can’t wait for another day of personal Training.


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