Most people hate Mondays. They get the Monday Blues (Of course, they have to get back to work after the weekend). Whereas, I am the happiest when it is Monday because get my daughter goes to school and my husband sets off for work. So it is my sane time from 7:30am to 12:15 thats when my little monster gets home.

I get the Friday night blues. Why you ask? I know what is in store for me come Saturday morning.

My husband who never ever has breakfast throughout the week is hungry from the moment he says the ‘G’ of good morning (although the previous night he has announced he will be eating healthyfor the weekend). And the chef in me starts making a mental lift os his food likes and dislikes and it usually ends up in pancakes with maple syrup. I learned making pancakes from my host parents in Canada. While I am making pancakes my hunger is sky rocketing because I haven’t had my breakfast yet (and I am a breakfast eater) and I am resisting the temptation of going for the buttery maple syrup laden pancakes. So, basically by breakfast I have used up all my will power, there isn’t much to begin with and the weekend has just started. By saturday night I have stuffed myself with a variety foods like Biryani, chocolate mousse, rabri malpoa, and the list continues. I am already dreading Sunday because the chef in me is on fire and my food list has increased for the next day. So basically all the effort that I have taken during the week has gone down the drain, literally.

So here I am stuck in this huge dilemma of feeding my husband( and devour the food myself) or making him eat salads and fruits like I should ideally be eating. If only they sold some will power in stores I’d be a regular customer.



2 thoughts on “Blues

  1. “Me” time is very important. My “me” time is early in the morning, when I set my alarm really early and enjoy my first cup of coffee in Peace 🙂

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