No bellies for dancing

Did you know that for belly dancing you aren’t suppose to bring in all that extra belly. If thats the case then why call it belly dancing, it could be just any other form of dancing. A simple name like ‘Middle Eastern Dancing’ could be quite as understandable. Why confuse poor souls like us. What would happen to all those people out there to watch belly dancing if a bunch of full bellied women actually started doing the belly dancing. I have one, we could actually call it muscle dancing because thats what it really is.

You don’t need just a lack of belly but you need a high percentage of muscles in your belly to be able to do all those churning movements.  And how could I leave the hips behind, I cant, they are an integral part of the dancing as well. The shimmy will actually prove an excellent exercise for toning the hips. In fact they should come up with a hips toning machine in the gyms based on the principles of belly dancing. I think I Can definitely wait till then.


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