I have to warn all of you, who wish to follow my dessert recipes that I shall take no responsibility, if it harms or increases your sugar level. That is exactly why I have called this category death by sugar.

I love preparing desserts or sweet dishes. In my summer holidays I had prepared every Indian sweet that was available from the cook book. My father had come home really upset when he saw the grocery bill at the end of the month (thankfully I had made rabdi malpoa which he just loved by the way). At that time I used to live in a small town where the vendors would just have an account for people shopping list and would present a bill at the end of the month. So, throughout the month I would just call up the vendors and ask them to send me whatever I needed like, sugar, milk, clarified butter, almonds, cashews, you name it.

So when he ate the malpoa I said to him thats how I had passed my time throughout the month and he was very proud of me, for until just a few months back I could not make even a single cup of tea.

So, I hope you enjoy making all the sweet dishes and presenting it to your fathers or whoever is the important man in your life or just enjoy it by yourself and have fun.


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