I am wearing black

I am currently in mourning. I recently lost a friend to healthy eating habits and vegetarianism. One more life claimed. When will this healthy eating habit realise that we unhealthy eaters and complete carnivores wish to survive in complete peace ( Sometimes it is not possible considering that good food means loud burps and farts). Unfortunately unhealthy eating habbits do not have any after eating paybacks, surprise gifts (of a better life), a great support centre (to eradicate the pains and burns). All it can offer is an elevated sense of happinees while consuming its products and a token of a few fat deposits here and there.

But when it comes to healthy eating there is a wide variety of surprise gifts, happy hours, after hours service, higher interests, great credit and long and term satisfaction. So my favorite range of easily available no pain and more gain unhealthy foods are going to be the biggest losers in the end.

Hats off to you my no more carnivorous – yoga driven – loving friend. You will be dearly missed.


Rabdi Malpoa

    DANGER DANGER DANGER (If you are 55 years or above do not attempt to eat this recipe).

Now the finale:

Dip the malpoa’s one at a time in the sugar syrup and serve. It must melt in your mouth. I hope you enjoyed making this.

Tip: Do not leave the sight of the milk when you are making rabdi. The milk will burn easily. Use only fresh milk.

Beef Stew

I terribly terribly miss having a helper. But you know what that means. That means I have to get in the kitchen and cook something up with the least effort and keep it healthy. Now I have used red wine in this recipe and I am not sure whether it is healthy or not. But assuming it is here is the recipe.

Stuff you will need:

2 cups chuck steak or beef used for stewing

1 Onion thinly sliced

1 cup carrots chopped into chunks

6 button mushrooms

10 black seedless olives

1.5 cup red wine

2.5 cups of water/beef stock

2tbsp tomato paste

1tbsp thyme ( I have the dried variety. use fresh if available)

Olive oil as per needed

salt and pepper

cornstarch and water mixed to make a paste.

This is the how to:

Brown meat on all sides very nicely.

Lightly brown the onions.

Now throw all the ingredients into a baking bowl. Cover it. Now on a gas mark  3-4 let it cook for upto 2 hours. No more.

After it is cooked add the cornstarch paste and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve it with a french bread.


When I started this blog, I was a home-maker in Hongkong with a daughter.

This basically means that I had a full time helper to do all the chores in the house while I just oversee. Giving a peck on the cheek in the mornings as my husband and daughter left for their respective karmabhoomis. Going out for yum chas or luncheons as the mood suited. Taking naps in the afternoon. Welcoming my husband home all dressed up and saying what a busy day I had today.

Within me I knew my life was like an empty vessel (because I made too much noise). So I decided to write this blog and popularize it.

After that a series of events happened. I took up some writing assignments for someone. It got me really busy. Then my helper left (with the way that she was acting in the house I am not really complaining). Then I got really busy.

So now I know what being busy means. Visiting the spa, making a tricky recipe with your helper to clean up after you, seeing off your family, hitting the gym and all taai taai activities does not mean you are busy.

Now I am on my feet round the clock, 24/7, that when I actually do make a recipe I don’t even have the time to take pictures leave alone post it.

Oh by the way I started this blog as a weight-loss journey log, looks like my journey has come to a halt but the blog continues….