When I started this blog, I was a home-maker in Hongkong with a daughter.

This basically means that I had a full time helper to do all the chores in the house while I just oversee. Giving a peck on the cheek in the mornings as my husband and daughter left for their respective karmabhoomis. Going out for yum chas or luncheons as the mood suited. Taking naps in the afternoon. Welcoming my husband home all dressed up and saying what a busy day I had today.

Within me I knew my life was like an empty vessel (because I made too much noise). So I decided to write this blog and popularize it.

After that a series of events happened. I took up some writing assignments for someone. It got me really busy. Then my helper left (with the way that she was acting in the house I am not really complaining). Then I got really busy.

So now I know what being busy means. Visiting the spa, making a tricky recipe with your helper to clean up after you, seeing off your family, hitting the gym and all taai taai activities does not mean you are busy.

Now I am on my feet round the clock, 24/7, that when I actually do make a recipe I don’t even have the time to take pictures leave alone post it.

Oh by the way I started this blog as a weight-loss journey log, looks like my journey has come to a halt but the blog continues….




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