Beef Stew

I terribly terribly miss having a helper. But you know what that means. That means I have to get in the kitchen and cook something up with the least effort and keep it healthy. Now I have used red wine in this recipe and I am not sure whether it is healthy or not. But assuming it is here is the recipe.

Stuff you will need:

2 cups chuck steak or beef used for stewing

1 Onion thinly sliced

1 cup carrots chopped into chunks

6 button mushrooms

10 black seedless olives

1.5 cup red wine

2.5 cups of water/beef stock

2tbsp tomato paste

1tbsp thyme ( I have the dried variety. use fresh if available)

Olive oil as per needed

salt and pepper

cornstarch and water mixed to make a paste.

This is the how to:

Brown meat on all sides very nicely.

Lightly brown the onions.

Now throw all the ingredients into a baking bowl. Cover it. Now on a gas mark  3-4 let it cook for upto 2 hours. No more.

After it is cooked add the cornstarch paste and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve it with a french bread.


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