I am wearing black

I am currently in mourning. I recently lost a friend to healthy eating habits and vegetarianism. One more life claimed. When will this healthy eating habit realise that we unhealthy eaters and complete carnivores wish to survive in complete peace ( Sometimes it is not possible considering that good food means loud burps and farts). Unfortunately unhealthy eating habbits do not have any after eating paybacks, surprise gifts (of a better life), a great support centre (to eradicate the pains and burns). All it can offer is an elevated sense of happinees while consuming its products and a token of a few fat deposits here and there.

But when it comes to healthy eating there is a wide variety of surprise gifts, happy hours, after hours service, higher interests, great credit and long and term satisfaction. So my favorite range of easily available no pain and more gain unhealthy foods are going to be the biggest losers in the end.

Hats off to you my no more carnivorous – yoga driven – loving friend. You will be dearly missed.


One thought on “I am wearing black

  1. You may not be the only one in mourning. When we lose a human to vegetarianism (arrrhhhh) others mourn too. Think og all those flock of chicken, school of fish, herd of cattle that depended on that human to give them their final rites. They are in deep mourning too. I hear that they have gone on strike. Some even suicided out of depression.

    And now think of all those plants that were hoping to look at sunshine and feel the rain on their leaves and flowers and fruits… ooops one more gatherer coming their way. They are going to be sacrificed in the name of healthy food.

    Awaiting the phone to ring, with your invite to more yummies
    urs truly


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