Is This Hitting A Writer’s Block

When I was looking to have a blog on the various blogging websites, they all talked about writer’s block. And I in my most over-confident (I wish that was a regular trait, most of the time I am living myself doubting everything I do) way said to myself, there is no way that I am ever going to have a writer’s block. I just have so many things to write about. Soon I realised that with limited interests (which would make good writing) I had nothing to write about.

So in my first attempt to increase my intellect I decided to start reading newspapers. I still haven’t got any close to a newspaper stand. I wonder when that will happen. To top that I met a friend of mine who I think highly off, very few in that category, said to me I never read the papers. Wow! Amazing I don’t either. There you go. Now I never really need to get any close to a newspaper other than when I eat pakoras in a newspaper.

So I thought then what else. Well, I started this as a food and weight loss blog, that’s not happening currently, I am in a need of a new helper. And cooking without a helper sounds rather foreign to me.

So I have finally decided that in my next few blogs I am gonna write some horror stories. I know I am great at writing these and if the hair stands on any of you reading, then I have won my prize.


4 thoughts on “Is This Hitting A Writer’s Block

  1. tell me about it…. i saw u blogging and i thot , wow she is doin it effortlessly

    so i tried and my godddd its not easy 🙂

    but its good to get into the discipline

    love n hugs
    keep writing

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