Birthday wishes come true

Ever since I have come to Hong kong I have seen that children’s birthday’s are more of making a statement than clean fun that birthdays should be. It is about who has been invited and who hasn’t been. All this becomes a little hectic to my liking. For one my goal has always been a child’s birthdays should be about inviting her friends and not mine. And since I truly believe in this I have actually forgotten inviting a couple of my friends – no harm meant. But who will explain?

To break from this cycle of karma –  it is birthday karma. Karma is when you do something and comes back and bites you in the butt. Similarly you forget inviting someone and rather than come upfront and ask why there was no invitation you are not invited for the next event. So you see it is birthday karma. Anyway we celebrated her birthday at Disney in true princess ishtyle.

In most children’s birthdays parents are just left behind to handle sugar fed rowdy kids and take backs gifts out which most are really just not for the child. But here Disney takes all the effort. And for paying that huge amount parents get a huge spread of food at the buffet.

My mouth has just turned into a watering can thinking about it. No doubt the food was really fab and it just kept coming. And no matter how much we pay for food my daughter always eats bare minimum (knowing that her parents are going to embarrass her by mounting their plates). So I really urge all of those who have Disney age kids and those whose kids are now princes and princesses to get to the Disney buffet (before it gets closed down by embarrassing parents like us).

* I am not advertising the for Disney or it’s buffet, but post is inspired from a true life story. The proof for this will be available on my daughter’s muffin top parents.


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