Ghati Mutton Masala

Spices are the backbone of Indian cooking. It is amazing how we complicate our daily lives by getting our tongues used to all the spices. Being a Khandeshi Marathi Mulgi – I have loved my chillies. I love my mutton curry the marthi way – laden with red dry chillies and the spice mix (aaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh that makes it sound really bland) or the masala is the key to this simple dish.

Ingredients for the masala:

1 cup drey red chillies

2 cups dry coconut

4 bay leaves

3 elaichi (cardammons)

a handful of dhania dana (corriander seeds)

1 tsp haldi (turneric)

2 tbsp jeera (cummin seeds)

1 tbsp black pepper seeds

1 tbsp laung (cloves)

2 badi elaichi

a pinch of caraway seeds

1 tsp hing

2 tbsp til (sesame seeds)

1 tbsp khus khus (poppy seeds)


Dry roast this and grind it till it tunrs into a fine powder.


2kgs mutton/lamb

salt to taste

1 tbsp haldi (turmeric)

1 onion puree

2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste



Rub the salt and haldi  over the meat and let it marinate over-night.

Fry the onion and the ginger-garlic paste in oil till the oil separates. Add the mutton and the dry masala. It is ready to eat once the mutton is cooked to your liking. For 2 kgs of mutton you will need all the dry masala.

The best way of eating this is with jowar/bajra roti and onion.


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