Organizing the serving bowl.

What is it with me and food and me and organization. There is a weird connection there. Alright if you see the space in my head it is rather disorganized. A few years back some professionals did attempt at organizing it. And now I don’t see them anywhere in the business listings. But outwardly I am organized and much to the despair of the people living with me it is surely tedious. Would you believe it my Gmail account is organized. Who organizes their Gmail account. I have folders for all sorts of emails and those that do not stand worthy of any folder gets instantly deleted not just from the inbox but from Gmail.  once tried to retrieve one such email and couldn’t find it. So I created a new folder called ‘it should be deleted but don’t”.

Now the same applies for food. I don’t know if it is just me or if it is true with every girl. I get totally irritated if people serve themselves rice without creating clean lines. A little tedious for you understanding. But here is what I am trying to explain. If you are gonna take rice why not cut a straight line through and then take it. Don’t leave back 1/4 cup of vegetable because you are too full to eat. And please do not leave a spoonful of dal. It is difficult to store nobody wants to eat it the next day and then I end up storing it the whole night and throwing it away the next day.

So everyone I have fed till date (ok most of you) accuse me of over-feeding them. The idea is not to over-feed but to bring some organization in the serving bowl.


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