My daughter is all grown up

Yesterday I received a letter from Bradbury. We have been invited for an induction programme. My eyes were filled with tears. I realized that my daughter will soon be starting full day school and I will get to see her only in the evening. I will miss a day filled with tantrums, her silly jokes, her pretending to be like one of the cartoon characters. Her life will be changed, and so will mine.

It is so funny, ever since the child is born we want it to grow up. To be able to clean their bum after a good poop or not wet the bed at night. These small things where your child is still dependant on you. But these can be so tiring for a mum. For the past 5 1/2 years I haven’t had a life to call my own. It was all about Radhika. And once she starts going to a full-time school I will have so much empty time on my hands. The house will not be filled with laughter throughout the day anymore. How desperately I will miss one little person that means so much to me.

When Radhika started kindergarten, I put her on the bus the first day. She was so happy to go by herself she did not cry unlike other children. That broke my heart and I swore to myself there is no way I can let her be so independent. Since that day I have tried to do everything for her and she still managed to be so independent. How did that happen? For the first parent teacher meeting the teachers told me that she is a very independent girl. And I said to myself that can’t be possible. I did not raise her like that. I started feeding her. Till date Radhika is fed her meals. She wants to eat by herself . I guess that’s the dilemma of a housewife and a stay at home mother. We bury ourselves in our families, especially our children and fail to realize sooner or later the nest will be empty.


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