Rain Rain – Come Again

The rains in India were a completely different affair. We waited for it after the hot summer. Not because our school announced days off, but there was an entire to do list for that season. It was when school just started. So we had to tag along with our parents to shop for rain coats and gum boots and the works. And honestly none of us really wanted to wear those rain coats. We were still kids and our the aim of the day was to see whose uniform got the dirtiest. Jumping in mud puddles, kyon ki daag achche hain. And then rushing home to have a cup of hot ginger tea with onion pakoras.  Life is different now.

Now, I am a mum who lives in Hong kong. My child hasn’t enjoyed the thrill of getting wet in the rain. For one she never steps out when it is raining and for other there is no way she can fall sick. That is how we groom our kids. Monsoon meant runny noses in India. Here she gets upset if her Nike shoes get mud on it. That’s what shoes are for, honey. She doesn’t get that. She comes back saying that she must take care of her things. All I want her is to be careless for a change. To get wet in the rain, to enjoy jumping in the mud puddles, to make paper boats and see them floating around.

As children we never had the words ‘yuck’ in our dictionary. Yuckier the better was our motto.