Let me choose my plate

Over the years my need to lose weight has increased. However, I realised that the longer you take to lose the weight the lower your desperation to lose it becomes. That means if you want to lose weight and maintain it, then you need to do it fast. But what do people like myself do. Our tongues start wagging the moment we sniff food. And thus it becomes difficult to maintain the oath we once took.

A few years back I was watching a show on TLC where they have a set plate with fixed portion sizes. This way you can eat anything you want to as long as stay true to the portions on the plate. This is a tough task, but worth the pain. And you can actually buy these plates off the internet. I am still searching. So if you come across let me know. And I promise that if I come across I will let you know too. Life can’t get easier than this.


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