Trying to re-create the magic of Masterchef

Watching Masterchef Australia, is one of my favorite activities. However, it would be a complete insult if I call it a way of passing my time. It is more than just watching the show, it is like absorbing every second of it. Only that person who has the passion to cook will share the same sentiment.  Just being foodies is not good enough. Masterchef has made me an impossible person to please. This is true. I am unable to please myself anymore when I look at y creation. I always feel as if I have lost the challenge. If this is happening to anyone around the world, then there are a lot more crazy people like me out there. With all of those food shows, it is Masterchef who finally got me hooked on. So as I continue my journey of cooking, we put on a few more pounds and loosen up our purse strings just a bit more.


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