Hong kong – As I Know It

You either love Hong kong or you hate it. I have never met anyone who thinks it is ok or says will do’/ That’s the beauty of Hong kong. However, if you have stayed here for a year or a little longer chances are you will fall in love with this place. This city of Hong kong with its tall buildings and its people running around like the seconds hand on the clock, is actually very delicate. When I think of Hong kong I can compare it to a Disney princess. Like any Disney princess the city is working hard all the time but still manages to be polite and nice to everyone. That is the beauty of the place.  And this city grows on you. Slowly and steadily it makes you a part of it and you don’t even realize it. But one day you wake up and you are loving this place. You want to settle down here. When I came here 4 years back I had made a pact with my husband that we will leave Hong kong and return within a year That did not happen and today my daughter considers Hong kong has her own country. That is the magic of Hong kong.


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