On The Track – Once Again

Alright then, I had my baby and a lot of pampering during pregnancy. Moreso, because my husband was scared to say, ‘darling, don’t eat it, you will get fat’. So from puranpolis to an all I can eat a la carte lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. I had ‘eat’ all.

But, looks like now the party is over, and the hangover is killing me. I mean literally, my stomach is hanging over and it is killing. It definitely is the time to get on track once again. So one slow step at a time, everyone has been telling me. But, here is what I think. Bad habits – you stop those right away. You cannot say, I will start slow. One cigarette instead of the regular 10. Or just one cup of tea instead of sipping it all through the day. You can either do it or you don’t. Getting rid of bad habits is not easy. So we have to attack those and make our life as miserable as possible. The truth is you might slip. But, ask yourself this, would you not slip if you took it slow? You are probably nodding a yes. And weight loss is actually an easy thing to do. In my head it is. Because, I don’t have bad habits. I do not snack through the day, my sweet tooth isn’t desperate to satisfy its needs and I am happy to eat what common sense expects us to eat. The problem is – having the discipline.

Discipline is required for weight-loss. Planning your meals way ahead. That is a weekly task. So your helper or you do not wake up in the morning looking for stuff to cook. So you have got to make sure that the pantry is stocked at all times. Eating every couple of hours. Drinking loads of water.

Now that I have decided to get on track – there is just one thing I have to work at. Discipline.



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