In Hong kong With Style

I am in Hong kong for a little over five years now. And I must say that change was inevitable. I have a come a long way since the first time I placed my dainty foot on the the Hong kong airport. Dressed up in a salwar kameez, totally irritated because I was travelling all alone with cabin baggage and a child. My hair dishevelled and I basically all over the place.

My sister had come to visit me in the first few months that I was here. Now she wanted to buy a pair of designer sunglasses from Hong kong. At this I was still very raw. This is a thing about Maharashtrians, we are a tribe which is extremely down to earth. Buying designer labels, spending our hard earned money on fashion, is something that we are averse to. Now what do we spend money on – actually we don’t. As a tribe we actually take pride in showing off , how much we have saved over the years, by living modestly. Now coming back to the sunglasses. So, we only new brands like Prada, Armani, Gucci, Chanel and a brand here and there. So as we were looking through some shops in Casueway Bay, we came across a pair that we just loved. And started to wonder if it was by one of the design labels that we liked. We couldn’t make out and soon came to know that it was Coach. And we both looked at each other with vacant expressions. Neither of us knew what that brand was. I even went on to say, ” that it must be some new unknown brand”. Obviously, we did not buy that pair and ended up buying some other brand known to us. Happy with our shopping we set off for Central. And as we were passing over the bridge near Times Square, we saw a huge billboard, with Coach on it. And we couldn’t stop laughing. This happened in 2007.

Today, I was getting off from a bus chatting with someone I recently was introduced to. We had a great conversation about children, schools, their timetables, etc. Finally we reached our stop and said our good byes. And as we were getting off, I realized that I was checking out the brand of her purse and shoes. And as I thought, I realized that, I was a changed person. I can actually name at least 10 brands in one breath. And everytime I am somewhere, I check out brands that different women are wearing. This is happening in 2012.

And for this I would like to thank Hong kong. Over the years, Hong kong has taught me how to live. It has taught me that it is ok to spend a little and look awesome. It absolutely alright, to look stunning and let people around, admire you for that. I feel that I have reached a good balance in life. My Maharashtrian roots have taught me the importance of modesty, while Hong kong has taught me the importance of living. And I have brought a good balance with these two teaching. I owe it to HK.


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