My first colorful cake

I have made this cake especially my daughter. The cake looks really gaudy and not my style, but my daughter was on a rainbow.



I Am Back On Track

So had a baby, had post baby blast, had post baby blast depression for having a post baby blast and said ‘enough is enough’. I mean my excuses were getting repetitive even for me. I could actually recall when I had last made that excuse. And this really scared me. For when this happens, depression is just round the corner, lurking with a big box of fatty goodness.

After having spent my husband’s fortune on different gyms and other things, I decided to take things in my own hands. And ended up relying on someone else. I got myself a trainer. He was an angel in disguise. That is because from his disguise, I really couldn’t make out that he is an angel. He does not have the angelic looks, he is brutal and he really doesn’t care how many excuses you come up with, for not working out. And put that all together blend it well and TADA – he is a good motivator. It shows, coz my pants can move all the way up. Now comes the difficult part – buttoning those up. But I know with his help and my zero motivation we can get there.

This morning I woke up, and have decided to start on the next phase of my challenge. Get on the healthy food band wagon. After I started office, I started eating at all the dai paidongs. And the food there although tasty, has a lot of oil. Not doing any help there. Hats off to all my Chinese friends, who can eat there and still stay so slim. I am actually JEALOUS. I love that food and have been finding excuses of not giving it up. So since I can’t give it up and my motto ┬áis not to deprive my cravings while still losing the fat – I have come up with a solution. Change the breakfast bit. So from now on it is all fruits and yogurt for breakfast. I did it before and I know I can do it now. Just have to stay committed.

So summing it all up – the exercise has begun and has to hit the next level, dai pai dongs I am not breaking off with you yet, and breakfast – sorry but we are now sticking with fruits and yogurt….Seriously, if there was a fairy godmother can’t she hear me sobbing.