My Romance with Martial Arts

As a child, the only bully I ever had, had been my brother. One would think that it would toughen me up. Indeed it did – for the rest of the world. He was like an in-house training module for me. Oh! so you can endure this – let me take bullying to the next level now. Thanks to him nobody outside of the house ever bullied me. I could say to some extent I turned into a bully myself or was that just being popular.

Once my mum thought it was enough of me putting up with my brothers bullying. She always wanted me to stand up to him. So she sent me to a Taekwondo class. But as all Indians my Taekwondo coach was a bully himself. If I was studying in Hong kong he would have been sued by the parents like a 1000 times in the same evening. But Indian parents – they probably hired him to bully us. No talking, pay attention, 10 rounds for forgetting your belt, blah, blah, blah. Thankfully I had my best friend who went to the class with me and pretty much did everything possible to make me feel better. On one unfortunate evening we were practising with pads. And our self-confessed bully the coach was barking at us to hit harder. I was standing there holding the pads. My friend was next in turn to hit the pad. He winked at me, so I knew he would be nice and kick softly. I relaxed a bit. The tyrant actually saw this and sternly looked at my friend. That look was enough for him to forget all about our friendship and looking out for each other – he kicked so hard that my lips swelled up the next minute. That was the last time I ever put foot on that ground. Beauty comes before learning to protect oneself.

After many years, I came across a new form of martial arts – Krav Maga. The name sounded so exotic and anything Israeli (actually anything middle eastern) sounds sexy to me. I have no idea why. So I decided to give it a try. Initially I was quite anxious but soon I discovered I had the KM attitude in me. All I had to do was dig deeper – my childhood with my brother, the local trains in Mumbai, the traffic at Churchgate, etc the list continues. The aggression was there and now it was released. Soon after, I started boxing – not only am I in love with this sport but want to get better at it.

You know how they say that karma bites you in the backside when you are not looking. Well! to my brother here is a warning – Karma is getting ready in HK and it will punch you in the face when it next sees you.

Note: I love my brother a lot and so does he. I have just exaggerated a bit to make it sound interesting.


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