All New Us

Recently my partner was diagnosed with diabetes. I thought it was a dream. Well, you see my family has a history of all sorts of rich fat Indian diseases.My husband on the other hand comes from the not so much of an Indian family. They have healthy lifestyles, better food habits and all sorts of non-vices. Indians are asking me to check his background. They don’t think his family is really Indian (they are probably faking it to be a part of a very rich culture).Yeah, I haven’t married an Indian in the true sense. However, fate had something else in mind. It brought us to Hong kong and then things changed. A high pressure job, late nights, bad food habits and social drinking. He was finally on the right track. That’s how Indians are sucked into being Indian.

Nonetheless, he is now diagnosed by diabetes – another proof that he is an Indian. Life has now changed for the worse. We can no longer have deep fried food, drinking is minimal and late nights are out ( I meant not happening). There are a whole lot of other problems that might be waiting for us once the word gets out. Oil companies might sue us for suddenly dropping the use of oil, the poor might start getting healthy because more food is available on the planet and increase in the price of vegetables due to higher consumption.

So this is the new chapter in our life. No wait, it is a new book since I can’t seem to go back to any of the previous chapters.