Almost a year back – I came across a new style of martial arts – Krav Maga. The name itself sounds so sexy that I had to try it. The kind of person that I am, I have to try something new and if it is fashionably exotic – it has to be stamped on my passport of adventures. Before I started training I was quite anxious. It was a new form of contact sport – something I had never tried before and I didn’t know the level of pain, I was going to feel.

My stint of martial arts completely ended when I started Taekwondo. when in the second week. I was quite enjoying the aah hoo and kicking in the air. Then we had to kick pads. While I was holding up the pads when my dear friend kicked hard to show off – missed the pad and hit my lip. My lips were swollen and I resembled someone who had smooched too many times. That was the last day. Beauty, comes before learning to protect yourself.

However, after many years I found my courage to try martial arts again. Soon I got excited by this sport. Unlike India coaches, here, they are not out to get you.  They are quite alright with taking it slow. But, I did not know that I had the basic KM attitude in me. Having born and brought up in India I had the KM attitude in me ever since I joined college. Roaming the busy streets of Mumbai, one learns to protect oneself from pinches, butt slaps and being pushed. So if you wish to catch a train you definitely need to have your elbows strong. I had gone a step ahead with an elbow on one side and an umbrella on the other. And when I started learning the art form all I had to do was dig deep inside, get to know the old me travelling in local trains. Thankfully it had stayed from then on.


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