The Pain, The Recovery

They say karma is a bitch. I say cheers to that. One such school morning my daughter to decided to take things extremely slow. I was getting frustrated because I had my GRIT class and I didn’t want to get delayed. So as we were walking to school, I decided to give her my famous ‘what will you do in life with this attitude’ lecture. And as always she mentally shut me off. So I decided to dig deeper and come  up with new style of lecturing. I got so engrossed in my mom role that I forgot to watch my step. And the next second I was on the ground with a sprained ankle. The kind of person I am, I decided not to take any help and got a cab n got to the doctor. The doctor asked me to take complete rest for three weeks n start all activities. (*if you pester your doctor enough he will give into your ridiculous demands). So after three weeks I was jumping rope, jump squats and basically every exercise in book which threatened the life span of my ankle. And as everyone around me was expecting my ankle did not recover even after 2years. I was very frustrated. Did it change my annoying-pestering-nagging self….absolutely not.

Finally, I was ready to do just about anything to cure this. Meet a shaman if necessary. But my Chinese friend advised me to visit her accunpuncturist. I have done accunpuncture before. These hair thin needles are poked in your body and that is supposed to cure you.


So, I walked into this healer’s office. He was an old man with an extraordinary love for India and Indians. He immediately sang ‘meta joota hain japani’ for me.  How appropriate a choice especially since I had come for my ankle. Finally he had done the typically foreigner style praising of all things Indian( one starts with food, Bollywood and ends with the beautiful women) he got down to my ankle. “One minute”, he said, and got his needles out. What are these, O gasped. These were not the regular hair thin needles. These were really thick needles. And before I could recover from this shock, he had pierced the needles in my ankle.

I was so hurt that tears were rolling down my cheeks. My gathered my pride and set off to my journey back home. But this was a small price. Within a couple of days the swelling on my ankle had completely gone and I was no longer in pain.


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