Bring Back My Jack

There used to be a restaurant on Lan Kwai Fong on the first floor. A lovely Irish pub with an amazing lunchtime set meal.

My husband and I first discovered this restaurant-when we didn’t get a single booking for one of our lunchtime dates. As always we were looking for something new. And if we didn’t get it we would end up at one of our other regular restaurant. However, that place, didn’t have a table for us and our search was back. Since it was a lunchtime date neither of us had enough time to look for something new. So we ended up in this restaurant situated on the first floor.

We were welcomed by a tall friendly looking gentlemen who was very warm. I started to wonder if I knew him from before. Speaking about an exceptional host. We were soon seated at one of the tables and then greeted by every wait staff as if we were regular there. I wondered if I was having an amnesia. Had I visited here before and didn’t remember.

Our daughter was with us that day and in an unexceptionally bad mood. (which is quite surprising since attending luncheons is her favorite thing to do). But the staff there did not go out of their way to entertain her or made us feel that we should leave. And I must point out that the restaurant wasn’t empty. So having an irritable child was not exactly what they were expecting. This was really nice, since most restaurants in Hong kong are quite cold during the peak hours of lunch. And their laid back attitude did make us feel more comfortable in dealing with her.

Finally we were all settled and waiting for our order. We were really hungry and needed asap to get some food in our daughter to calm her down. Finally our food arrived and it did not take very long. It was lovely. Just simple flavors and definitely not pretending to be something they were not. The owners are extremely down to earth which comes across in the food. It is a very hearty warm meal. Eating out need not bring out the satisfaction. But with Dublin Jack, every mouthful was satisfying.

Unfortunately the restaurant is taking a break currently, due to the rise in rent. I sincerely hope that they open again. It is very rare to be in a restaurant, where the hosts are happy to entertain guests and make them feel at home.



Beef Biryani

I was really tired of eating at good restaurants. So I decided to try out the dai pai dong’s in Hong kong. It is a good change from the yum cha and the high flying Peking duck. While you get the company of the leisurely old for yum cha most of the time..the Peking duck restaurants are filled with expats showing off to their guests. A person might have moved to Hong kong just 3 months ago but he will show off at a peking duck restaurant as if he has been living here for ages and now he is practically a local himself. It is hilarious to see that.

But Dai pai dongs are a different ball game. You will never see an expat there all by himself (other than someone like me who has been there a couple of times before). He will always be accompanied by a local. The look on the expats face is that of a courageous soldier ready to soak in the culture. You can easily spot them, they will be the ones saying things like, ‘oh that’s interesting” or “yeah, it’s different”.

Now, since I was really tired of eating at LKF restaurants I decided to take my husband to a dai pai dong. It feels as if you are heading to eat pani puri in India. The only difference is the water being discarded around you i far too dirty. But as Indians we can easily ignore this and move ahead. Now in this set-up the dai pai dong had a very limited menu. So we ended up ordering some kind of a fried rice with beef. Now hold your breath – this tasted just like a biryani. It was a chinese attempt of making a biryani at only HKD 28. So move over the famous biryani house in central. Coz if you can take the smell and the discarded water there is a dai pai dong in Central ready to serve you a beef biryanish rice at only $28.