In Hong kong With Style

I am in Hong kong for a little over five years now. And I must say that change was inevitable. I have a come a long way since the first time I placed my dainty foot on the the Hong kong airport. Dressed up in a salwar kameez, totally irritated because I was travelling all alone with cabin baggage and a child. My hair dishevelled and I basically all over the place.

My sister had come to visit me in the first few months that I was here. Now she wanted to buy a pair of designer sunglasses from Hong kong. At this I was still very raw. This is a thing about Maharashtrians, we are a tribe which is extremely down to earth. Buying designer labels, spending our hard earned money on fashion, is something that we are averse to. Now what do we spend money on – actually we don’t. As a tribe we actually take pride in showing off , how much we have saved over the years, by living modestly. Now coming back to the sunglasses. So, we only new brands like Prada, Armani, Gucci, Chanel and a brand here and there. So as we were looking through some shops in Casueway Bay, we came across a pair that we just loved. And started to wonder if it was by one of the design labels that we liked. We couldn’t make out and soon came to know that it was Coach. And we both looked at each other with vacant expressions. Neither of us knew what that brand was. I even went on to say, ” that it must be some new unknown brand”. Obviously, we did not buy that pair and ended up buying some other brand known to us. Happy with our shopping we set off for Central. And as we were passing over the bridge near Times Square, we saw a huge billboard, with Coach on it. And we couldn’t stop laughing. This happened in 2007.

Today, I was getting off from a bus chatting with someone I recently was introduced to. We had a great conversation about children, schools, their timetables, etc. Finally we reached our stop and said our good byes. And as we were getting off, I realized that I was checking out the brand of her purse and shoes. And as I thought, I realized that, I was a changed person. I can actually name at least 10 brands in one breath. And everytime I am somewhere, I check out brands that different women are wearing. This is happening in 2012.

And for this I would like to thank Hong kong. Over the years, Hong kong has taught me how to live. It has taught me that it is ok to spend a little and look awesome. It absolutely alright, to look stunning and let people around, admire you for that. I feel that I have reached a good balance in life. My Maharashtrian roots have taught me the importance of modesty, while Hong kong has taught me the importance of living. And I have brought a good balance with these two teaching. I owe it to HK.


Hong kong – As I Know It

You either love Hong kong or you hate it. I have never met anyone who thinks it is ok or says will do’/ That’s the beauty of Hong kong. However, if you have stayed here for a year or a little longer chances are you will fall in love with this place. This city of Hong kong with its tall buildings and its people running around like the seconds hand on the clock, is actually very delicate. When I think of Hong kong I can compare it to a Disney princess. Like any Disney princess the city is working hard all the time but still manages to be polite and nice to everyone. That is the beauty of the place. ¬†And this city grows on you. Slowly and steadily it makes you a part of it and you don’t even realize it. But one day you wake up and you are loving this place. You want to settle down here. When I came here 4 years back I had made a pact with my husband that we will leave Hong kong and return within a year That did not happen and today my daughter considers Hong kong has her own country. That is the magic of Hong kong.

Beef Biryani

I was really tired of eating at good restaurants. So I decided to try out the dai pai dong’s in Hong kong. It is a good change from the yum cha and the high flying Peking duck. While you get the company of the leisurely old for yum cha most of the time..the Peking duck restaurants are filled with expats showing off to their guests. A person might have moved to Hong kong just 3 months ago but he will show off at a peking duck restaurant as if he has been living here for ages and now he is practically a local himself. It is hilarious to see that.

But Dai pai dongs are a different ball game. You will never see an expat there all by himself (other than someone like me who has been there a couple of times before). He will always be accompanied by a local. The look on the expats face is that of a courageous soldier ready to soak in the culture. You can easily spot them, they will be the ones saying things like, ‘oh that’s interesting” or “yeah, it’s different”.

Now, since I was really tired of eating at LKF restaurants I decided to take my husband to a dai pai dong. It feels as if you are heading to eat pani puri in India. The only difference is the water being discarded around you i far too dirty. But as Indians we can easily ignore this and move ahead. Now in this set-up the dai pai dong had a very limited menu. So we ended up ordering some kind of a fried rice with beef. Now hold your breath – this tasted just like a biryani. It was a chinese attempt of making a biryani at only HKD 28. So move over the famous biryani house in central. Coz if you can take the smell and the discarded water there is a dai pai dong in Central ready to serve you a beef biryanish rice at only $28.